We want to show our appreciation and gratitude to everyone involved with the NOUMENON release show, people who made a great effort in helping us making this show one to remember. The people who spend all evening at the entrance making you got in with the new BEAR cd, who provided you with the coins to drink, who helped you out to get you your drinks, who did the merch, and so many more, so thanks to: Suraya, Sarah, Chloe, Steffie, Mieke, Marnix, Anton,Dennis, ….and a special thanks to the people who baked the Ultimate BEAR cake and cupcakes for us.


The bands that came out to put on a great show in all different styles, like Black swarm, Your Highness and Now Voyager. People who gave you a great sound (Frank) and an amazing light show (Thomas)….., the people at Kavka to help us out with everything (Min, Niels, Jan, Sam)…….., we can’t tell everyone enough that all your effort didn’t go by unnoticed! Those who are fearless to stand all the way upfront with their expensive cameras to make awesome pix so everyone can enjoy them after the show (Andram, Geert, John, ………)

And ofcourse, YOU…. without you this release wouldn’t be anything but a band on a stage, but now it was a party.
Thank you all to take the time and effort to come and celebrate with us, we know there were people out there who came from far, who usually don’t listen to hard music, who took time of work etc… just to come and support us.

We are amazed and touched that each and everyone of you were there. We will never forget!

Thanks to Basick Records and the Euroblast Collective for this opportunity.

THANK YOU ALL and see you all at the next show!!!


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