This summer we focussed on making songs for the new upcoming album, we’re already far in the process, but still not done. In the Meantime we also had an inspirational boost meaning apart from writing songs for BEAR of few of us have been buzzy with side projects too…Serch has a project going on called CYCLUS a mixture or hardcore, metal, pop, and rock it’s an abstract concept that leave a lot of freedom for any idea. we passed by the studio and recorded some tracks and soon it’ll pop out online somewhere soon. so keep your eyes and ear open.

Lee has been working on this project together with a big fan of BEAR (Iason Passaris). And they came up with JUSSKA, mainly for the fans of deftones and karnivool. They recorded at the Atmos studio that is owned by the guitarist and driving engine behind ATMOSPHERES.
So go check out JUSSKA and CYCLUS and see/hear what you like.

We all in BEAR keep providing you with music….but keep in mind the big BEAR bomb will drop in 2016, so pay attention.

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