Those who are close to BEAR know that the past years have been not that easy within BEAR. Being in a band is heaps of fun but can also be tiring and at times be stressful & dreadful. To be on the same page with 4 individuals and keep the same level of motivation is not always easy.
As rumours go around some of you might have already picked up that Leander & BEAR have parted ways. As many of you know Leander has a project running called Neoslave and he will be primarily focusing on Neoslave from now on.
Needless to say we had an amazing time and it will be odd to proceed without him, he was a great inspiration and one of the driving forces behind the band. 8 years of destroying stages will still be the best memory that there will be.
We’d like to thank him for all the good times and wish him all the best with Neoslave and all other future endeavors.
On the other hand, we came across a new guitar player that is super excited to walk in the footsteps of Leander.
Atm we’re rehearsing the shit out of our songs and instruments to get everything up and running with this new 6string shredder.
Many might know him from Set Things Right…. James will be the new short guy of the band :).
Keep an eye out for the first show where we’ll be throwing him in front of the Lions (you guys 🙂 ) and that’ll be AUG 25 @ BEVEREN FESTIVALT.
Now you’re all up to date with the new BEAR, so make sure to give James the BEAR welcome he deserves at the first show…..
For now we gotta get back in the rehearsal room to get it all tight so we can drop a bomb on the 25th.



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