release date:

April 07, 2017


Basick records


  • Blackpool
  • Hounds
  • Masks
  • Childbreaker
  • Knives Are Easy
  • The Oath
  • 7
  • Klank
  • Raw
  • Construct.Constrict
  • Adjust.Adapt

Recorded 2016 @ Atmos Studio
Produced by Stef Exelmans & BEAR, Mixed by Stef Exelman, Mastered by Stef Exelman @ Atmos studio
Graphic Design: B3ARDESIGNS ///

Well done said Medusa, kept feeding all the snakes Leads us to the first bite, that’s all it ever takes Enters through the soul and filters all the sadness, the sadness Godspeed? Bless you? It should be there for everyone Could you, see through, this veil I’ve laid upon? I am more scared of you all, more than i want to be (that’s my obsession) I am more scared of you all my way to tear us down (that’s my obsession) Well done, you’ve pounded through the door ‘Show me your face’ Hang in as she rushes, keeps rushing through your blood Yet undefined and welcome, more present than a god Exit through these wounds and cripples all your senses, your senses Well done, chemicals, it should be there for everyone Now see, see through, this veil I’ve laid upon! Can I compete with the outcast I’ll become? Somehow the reason is easy to reckon